A perfect place for nature lovers looking for quite tranquility

Journey Info

By Train from Dhaka:

Shamsher Nagar railway station is 2 kms away from Swiss Valley Resort. Two intercity trains named Kalani express and Upobon express has stoppage in this station. Rest of two intercity trains Parabat and Jayantika express got stoppage in Bhanugach railway Station which is 10 kms away from Resort, by local transportation like CNG takes 20 mins to reach here.


Train No. Name Off day From Destination Depart Arrival
709 Parabat Express Tuesday Dhaka Bhanugach Staion 6:20 AM 11:00 AM
717 Jayantika Express No Dhaka Bhanugach Staion 11:15 AM 4:35 PM
773 Kalani Express Friday Dhaka Shamsher Nagar 3:00 PM 7:30 PM
739 Upaban Express Wednesday Dhaka Shamsher Nagar 8:30 PM 2:00 AM



By Train To Dhaka:

Train No. Name Off day From Destination Depart Arrival
774 Kalani Express Friday Shamsher Nagar Dhaka 7:50 AM 1:00 PM
718 Jayantika Express Thursday BhanugachStaion Dhaka 1:10 PM 6:25 PM
710 Parabat Express Tuesday Bhanugach Station Dhaka 5:30 PM 10:40 PM
740 Upaban Express No Shamsher Nagar Dhaka 1:22 AM 6:45 AM


By Bus from Dhaka:

Hanif, Ena, Mamun, Shaymoli etc. got frequent bus services from Dhaka to Sreemongol, then guest need to take CNG to reach the resort which is 22 kms away and takes 40 minutes.

By Bus from Sreemongol:

Hanif, Ena, Shaymoli, Mamun express start their journey every day from 6:00 AM till 12:45 PM.

Contact number:

Hanif, Sreemongol: 01711 922 418
Ena, Sreemongol:   01756 915 198

Rent-a-car: (Kamrul): 01785 880 002


Train From/To Chittagong:

Train No. Name Off Day From Destination Depart Arrival
719 Paharika Express Monday Chittagong Shamsher Nagar 9:00 AM 4:00 PM
720 Paharika Express Saturday Shamsher Nagar Chittagong 11:57 AM 7:35 PM
723 Udayan Express Saturday Chittagong Shamsher Nagar 9:45 PM 4:00 AM
724 Udayan Express Sunday Shamsher Nagar Chittagong 11:27 PM 6:00 AM



By Air:

Osmani international airport, Sylhet is the nearest airport; It is about 70 kms away and takes 2 hours by car.

Pick up/ Drop services is in on-request.